Thursday, August 12, 2010

L.A. L.A. baby

This morning started as a typical morning does, the little dog woke me up around 6 am to go outside. So as I typically do I got my lazy butt up and put her out, but there was something different about the morning routine...the other dog didn’t want to go which was extremely odd but in my sleepy state of mind just blew it off and crawled back into bed. About 30 minutes after I heard a rumble of thunder and hurried to the back door to let the little nugget in. As I opened the door she flew in so fast that her chain tripped me and I fell on my back. I starting yelling at her and then looked outside to see a monsoon in full force in the back yard. I shut the door and looked at the former dog and now wet nasty looking rat dripping water all over my floor. When i got back into bed I realized why the other dog didn’t want to go out...she’s prissy that knew the rain was coming and didn’t want to get wet.

Charlie woke me up this morning to his new favorite song, the Jonas brothers TV show theme song....LA LA BABY. Its the only part he knows and he says it over and over and over as he does with anything he likes. Any song he sings he sings constantly till he sees you get annoyed which is his job as a 3 year old. He knows how to push my buttons but i also know how to push his. He also decided to pull out all 300 DVDs we have and get out every disc and stack them a mile high and knock them over...guess I shouldn’t have been lazy and got out of bed like a good parent.

We went to the park as planned and if you remember we had a monsoon this morning. As we got there Peyton ran as fast as he could to the slide and wouldn’t you know it the bottom was covered with water so p had some wet pants. Charlie on the other hand checked the slides before he slid down and didn’t go down any of them. They have a skateboard area at the park so we took the wagon and started riding down the ramps with it. Charlie thought that was the coolest thing ever. The boys got candy and juice at the party store before we went. As you can see in the picture below Peyton had a “this is crap” moment.

When we got home from the park I made Mac and cheese for lunch. I wanted to take my wedding ring off because my finger was hurting. As i tried to pull it off my fat finger it got stuck around the knuckle and starting tearing the skin real bad. So I’m standing there bleeding trying to figure out how to get the damn ring off and then a light bulb went off...PAM....yup I grabbed the cooking spray and lubed up my finger. By the way just a word of advice, don’t spray Pam on a cut it hurts like hell. After using half of a can, and getting pliers I got it off. That’s when the clean up began, the floor looked like I killed an animal and was slippery as hell. Of course I slipped and fell on my ass because I’m a klutz like that. I mean come on that’s how I roll. The boys sitting at the table laughing so hard I thought they were going to pee everywhere.

After nap time the boys were playing while i was watching some TV. Charlie started screaming bloody murder and crying hysterically. He runs up to me saying Peyton my eye, Peyton my eye. I called p into the room and asked him what happened

"I don’t know dad he was in the closet"

“Well then why is he saying Peyton my eye"

“I don’t know dad"

"Well Peyton he wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t do it so what happened"

"Well I was in the closet with him playing with the dart guns"

“So you shot him"

“No maybe he shot himself"

"Peyton he wouldn’t blame you if he shot himself"

“Yeah I’m lying"

“really your lying...p I already knew you were"....

After that for the next 2 hours Charlie walked around saying my eye is broke daddy, my eye is broke. Which it isn’t, he’s just being a drama queen like his mom.

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