Monday, August 23, 2010

Sick Sick Sick Sick Sick

So the reason i haven't put anything up in a while is because the whole house has been sick. Well everyone but Peyton the little butt head. It all started with charlie breaking horrible fevers, then Therese got a sore throat and a cough, now i have a sore throat, nasty tasting cough, and i cant sleep. Charlie doesn't deal with being sick very well always pissin, moaning and whining like his father does when hes sick.

Sense the last time I wrote a few things have happened. Charlie said "o shit", and "god damn it" (good job dad) i thought it was funny but Therese immediately shot the "LOOK" at me and popped my bubble so i had to tell him not to say it. We got Madison and P's Christmas presents (Nintendo ds for each of them), so charlie should be jealous but were gonna get him one for kids his age.

Charlies fish is still alive which is a surprise to me every morning when i wake up. We put a DVD player in the boys room and now all charlie wants to do is watch George (curious George that is) and i gotta be honest its getting annoying. I'm still trying to figure out why someone hasn't shot the monkey that lives in the city yet, i would have at least tried to catch it and train it to get me a beer or be my caddie.

Peyton has got a bunch of bumps, scrapes, and bruises over the last week or so. He such a boy just climbing all over crap, falling, slamming into the wall. One of these times hes gonna knock himself out cold but then again maybe when he does it will be nap time.......ahhhhh nap time. He starts school in a few weeks which is gonna be nice for him to get out and away from his brother everyday and get to play with kids his age...god i hate the country.

We have some big news to but i cant tell anyone for a while which sucks cause the wife and i are super excited. If everything goes how we wish it does then things are gonna be alot nicer and happier in this house. I'm still looking for a career but living in Michigan make that almost impossible. Ive been trying to become a cop or a full time firefighter, but if the kids are all in school full time I'm going to school to work in radio. If that happens fingers crossed that i get into sports talk radio!

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