Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The start of something great well at least i hope so....

I’m going to start my blog by telling you about myself. My name is Shawn and I am a 28 year old stay at home dad. My wife is 26 and the most beautiful woman I know; she is my best friend, my bodyguard and my rock. We have 3 total children but how they came about is a bit of a mess. So please read along as I plan on making entries of my adventures daily.

Our oldest Madison is 7; she is my princess from what was supposed to be a one night stand that turned into nothing but hassle and drama from her mother. Even though there is a ton of problems from her mother and lots of headaches I wouldn’t change anything that happened. She’s a little angel and I love her with all of my heart. She thinks like me, acts like me, hell sometimes she even eats like me. She does have some flaws I’m trying to help her change, like the fact that she’s always trying to do what she thinks you want her to do so your happy, which isn’t really a big flaw but I’d like her to make sure she is happy first before she worries about what other people think cause let’s be honest it doesn’t matter what other people think as long as your happy with yourself. We get her every other weekend, holiday and for the month of July so it’s hard to make sure she’s being raised right but then again I wouldn’t ever tell her mother she was doing it wrong anyway. She’s a parent also and we all have different ways of doing it. As far as her personality she’s a loud energetic, wants to make you happy, not very athletic but loves sports. She’s a big reader, but is obsessed with the TV, she loves everyone with everything she’s got and is getting better and making sure you know it.

The middle child is 6 and his name is Peyton. He is my wife’s baby from her high school sweetheart. In late august of 2005 about a month after my wife and I met his father suddenly and tragically died while on a fishing trip with family. After that happened I was extremely confused on how I should be, so I just made sure I was there for Therese. A short time after he passed I realized that it was time for me to step up and not replace him but take over and become this kid’s dad. I can actually somewhat relate to p because my biological father wanted nothing to do with me but that’s not a bad thing cause the man that became my father is my hero and I couldn’t have asked for a better dad. Some people say that I’m raising Peyton as one of my own, and I always laugh because he is mine,. He may not be blood but let’s be honest that doesn’t matter. I will be his coach, play toy, and best friend for as long as I can be. He is a very quiet kid, doesn’t like to hurt anyone’s feelings and he’s very emotional. He’s’ defiantly going to be a heartbreaker cause he already knows what the ladies want. When his mother is home he is always giving her hugs and kisses and telling her how much he loves her. He’s a big kid and a hell of an athlete for a 6 year old. He goes to his grandparents every other weekend, and we all go camping together. It’s nice that all of us can get along and that everything has turned out great for him, aside from his dad not being here but that’s what I’m here for. As long as he will let me i will be his father.

Our youngest is 3 and is the family court jester, his name is Charlie. He is ours, yup that’s right we made one of our own. He is a lot like me if not a mini me. Full of energy, athletic, emotional, loud, has to be the center of attention...yeah he’s just a smaller version of me. He is just figuring out that he can climb everything. Like yesterday I caught him on top of his TV that’s on top of his dresser trying to get the controller for the TV. He is defiantly the baby of the family and gets treated that way when the other kids aren’t around but then again we spoil them all more when we just have one of them. He loves his brother and sister to death but wants to be able to play with them more. With him being younger than them they ignore him a lot and it just pisses him off to no end.

Now when it comes to my wife she is 26 and works at a car dealership. She is the love of my life and I knew that the first time i saw her. She is a very strong woman and wears her emotions on her sleeve. She’s not afraid of anything and will put me in my place if I get out of line. She is a great mother and will do anything for anyone.

I plan on writing on here daily about all of my adventures as a stay at home dad. I will tell you about all the things we do as a family and all of the crazy things my kids do. I hope you enjoy everything I write and comment on anything you wish.

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